Monday, April 01, 2013

Left of Right

Rush of romanticism forced a leftward lunge, 
my comrades called out for killing greed.
they talked of revolution and 
meek inheriting the earth. 

But, I wondered then what? 
Meek shall be the masters,
and master shall be meek, 
a circle of continuos creation and destruction. 

The dead end forced a rightward march,
feed the greed and,
all will be taken care of, said the suits. 
The silver bullet and the invisible hand. 

It was a fight of unequals for a shrinking pie,
in the name of equal opportunity.
Funnel and trickle down counted for peanuts,
as gap became a crater, moving further away to become different worlds.

One was a road to nowhere,
and the other towards definite darkness.
Left and right, I was back to where I started.
Lost, with a added dose of confusion. 

Tired and exhausted I looked with in. 
View of the world outside was my world inside out.
With my life in chaos, I looked out for clarity.
The old man was right - changing the world starts within.

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Rachit Chandra said...

Good Stuff